Meet Our Group

This meetup is for everybody who is passionate about skincare, beauty and hair Hosted by Celebrity Hairstylist Sylvia Chen.

In today’s world, one does not have to be a fashionista to be conscious about personal beauty and lifestyle; everyone loves it and they are interested to know more. This event is all about beauty talks and products for self grooming. We are extremely occupied with our day to day office work which leads to tiresome looking skin and hair. Here we are are giving a shout out to everyone who is a professional in hair |Skincare | Beauty Industry- could be “YOU”an existing salon owner |Makeup artists |Salon beauty brands |Hairstylists |Managers or an Entrepreneurs | Business Investors who wants to make an entry into the fashion forward industry|

In the Fashion Industry trends techniques and Products are ever changing. This is an industry that can never be irrelevant or fade out of style because innovation and consumer demand is the foundation.

At the end of the event there is also small band event organised and also free giveaways complimentary VALCENA experiential facial at butterfly pond worth INR 1500/- for all of you.